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Facing a family law issue is never easy, as emotions run high due to the close personal nature of the relationship between the parties. No matter the level of conflict, many decisions need to be made to move the matter forward.

We handle family law cases ranging from "custody" disputes to modification of support to division of complex marital estates and everything in between. A specific niche of the firm relates to the complex overlap of domestic relations law and bankruptcy, including the litigation associated with efforts to discharge obligations created in a domestic relations action.

From your initial consultation until your final orders have been issued, our attorneys will listen to your concerns, thouroughly explain your options and strategize about even the most complex family law matters to enable you to make informed decisions about the best course of action for you.

Complex Marital Estates

Our attorneys work closely with you to determine your wealth transfer objectives, and along with your accountants and financial advisers help you develop a solid understanding of your current portfolio’s performance, succession characteristics, and tax attributes. We can then suggest trust instruments that address your family’s needs for tax planning, asset protection, or bypassing probate.

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